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Gothic Fetish Disco

the worlds only high hair disco x-club
Grand opening night on
saturday night,

free: welcome champagne noire, party, drinks & buffet

opening date soon to be announced

Gothic Fetish party all-free xXx night: 

at this special event thou can find the most black party on earth, with the blackest longdrinks / midnight buffet noire, and our Gothic Domina Dolls, plus a blue laser show and a fantastic surround sound system at 2 x Dancefloors: 

black electro Gothic
& dark guitar Gothic

join in & become a fetish sex sub girl 

pleasure yourself with us at our sexual playground  free: fetish sex outfit, bondage shows, gifts ... 

Gothic Sex Master

hell low sexy black goth girls!!! we are the Gothics with our own night club, and i, Gothic Dämmit, the inventor of the cool HOVERBOARD-SET and thus internet millionaire, invite thou - all black girls u30 - to visit my new trend sex-Disco-club G o    h i c - the blackest of all times - absolutely free of charge, including admission, black drinks & black buffet, and everything else described here on this page! we're starting a series of the most exclusive dark nights goth events on the black planet - be there with the best of the best looking goths ever ever to meet

single? party with us!!! are thou into fetish sex? does it make thee wet? do ya wanna participate in goth bondage sex? see some example sexy porn galleries of what to do. come to visit (= no costs at all) every fr/sa/ before holidays at 11pm-5am/open end the free

Gothic Fetish party

with vanillasex in bdsm- / fetish-style to participate in (BDSM-style = Domina / subby girl,
fetish-style = lace, leather, latex, rubber, velvet, nudity).

Black underground nightclub "G o    h i c"

only for tits free clothed girls: luxurious Bondage / bdsm candles wax shows, bisexual lesbian live sex, sex toys, goth deco interieur, big beds, bdsm furniture, vanilla / hardcore sex, fetish style, gothic sound, black girls, , wetplay area (liquid latex, soap-foam- & soap bubbles-machine), tits suspension & hog tie area, sex playground, spiderweb bondage wall, ground fog, stargate time machine, blue laser show, hall of mirrors styling area beauty-salon, shower, ladies darkroom, porn play, hot girls striptease, beauty queen contest, wild temple orgies ...

join one of our 6 sex-gangs that consist of the resident discocrew Domina Dolls & the guestgirls:
Gothic blowjobs / cum, bondage / hog tied / submissive, porn, pussy, tits, vanilla / Fetish watch out for our very interesting sexy porn galleries site to check out what fits best with thy personal interests

(as for me personally, my main interests / faibles are blowjobs and round bondage oo in all sizes and colors, and i mainly will offer to only operate black cola / chocolate flavoured condom sex with all groups of girls or single ladies)

there are 2 main « back & forth » Dancefloor rooms, each with a worldwide unique 12-channel 3D-surround Bass sound system with the darkest sounds for black goth girls to dance to through the nighttime parties:

1st Dancefloor: black electro Gothic
(top industrial-noise, cyber, ebm hits)
2nd Dancefloor: dark guitar Gothic
(top dark wave, punk, batcave hits)

all-nights free for girls u30:

admission / black longdrinks / worldwide biggest black luxury midnight buffet with spicy hot burnin' pizza diablo vegetaria & lavish delicious black colored vegetarian food: cream pies with silver leaf, caviar, sweets, snacks, fruit skewers & choco fontaine. also we offer free to use: sexy costumes / boobs free fetish wear / bdsm dresses / sexy lingerie / hot dessous / fishnet panties & tights & stockings / mesh gloves & suspenders / mini skirts / pentagram-bondage-tops / feather boas / pantyhoses / slip ouvert panties / goth jewelry / (high) hair style / high heels / pike shoes / black'n'pale cosmetics & mega make up / vampireteeth / nail art design / eye-lenses / lashes / parking (nearby) or public traffic tickets / black cigarettes / party / sex fun all night long ...

doors open at 11 pm til 5 am / open end

international girl invitations: interested to come free from far away? get for free: round trip flights, a place to sleep with internet, veggy food, a local network smartphone sim-card, some โ‚ฌuro-cash, and all thou further could need ... just contact Us at webmaster@GothicDisco.com and send a wish-date & thy name & some hot topless images showing the best of thee.

Gothic Fetish party

is cool black goth dance sound for hot sexy black girls, high hair goth and fetish style, the Disco as sex playground, free all-thou-can-eat-and-drink Gothic party time in a sexual athmosphere

Gothic Party - forever black sexy Gothic!!!

schwarz ☠ black ☠ nôire

the place to be - for the black sex gothiety

Gothic Disco
no moral
& no rules - just pleasure ...

everything can - nothing must...
From tender to hard!

visitors since 02-01-2022:

Dresscode: black as night:

attention, absolutely strict door rule all night long: inlet for girls only!!! requirements: u30 (under thirty years of age) or at least with a supersexy body / styling / outfit - no exception - no one else than girls get in. wanna come, but low on cash? thou can come anyway: at every party event each girl can get 2x free public traffic tickets to visit the next Gothic Fetish party at the all black G o    h i c Disco !!! | find the way with google: street view map | night view map
G o    h i c Disco / night Club, Germany, 44787 Bochum (center) | Hans-Böckler-Str. 12 | mobile +49 160 95886664 | Fri / Sat & before holidays 11 pm - 5 am

Gothic Disco
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